It started innocently enough. I took a picture and then said on Instagram: 

I’m finding it hard to work on email and editing the book. I just want to stare at this cute pig! I’m creating a new hashtag/ spiritual practice and calling it —#DistractedByBeauty. Seriously doubt it’s new :). But who else wants to be #DistractedByBeauty?!

Turns out many of us do.

#DistractedByBeauty has become a significant spiritual practice as it slows me down to notice what’s right in front of me. I’ve noticed I’m more tuned into the small pieces that could be easy to overlook in all that needs doing. I can sense it informing my being, pushing back on the rush that too often is stirring my soul.

Several people have asked if it’s okay to use #DistractedByBeautyI don’t own it! It was given to me to help steward. I’d love for you to join in on Facebook or Instagram. It’s small, it doesn’t have to be daily, and it’s fun.

Here’s some of what’s been distracting and delighting me:

#DBB11. #DistractedByBeauty was born by that cute pig!

2. Here’s the thing, sometimes to be #DistractedByBeauty you have to look past the fact that the squirrel ate one of only three sunflowers that came up this year. And say “I see you empty, naked, headless stock. But I also see the two beautiful sunflowers! And yes, one of them is held up by string.” #DistractedByBeauty

3. Today I was #DistractedByBeauty on my #dietCoke! What a cute #LadyBug and she had good taste! 

4. #DistractedByBeauty in the form of chocolate :) Really people, doesn’t this look like art? {Side note: this turned out to be one of the most popular ones, are we surprised?}


1. I am a sucker for a cute bench. Think of the conversations that could take place! Or the books that could be read. Almost done with #RisingStrong by #brenebrown. So good! #DistractedByBeauty in benches and books.

2. This isn’t the only insect or spider web picture I’ve taken. I didn’t know I was such a bug fan.

3. Wouldn’t you love to know what they are talking about?  #DistractedByBeauty and #DistractedByRandomness “I don’t say this to hurt your feelings, but I’m not sure Green is your best color.”

4. I got new shoes and I love them!!! Depending on your philosophy they either go with nothing or with everything :). I think you know where I land in this! #DistractedByBeauty that are on my feet! Soon to be #DistractedByBoarding … These are very comfortable for travel. So I am in about seven of my happy places at once :)!!

 #DBB31. Look!! On my car … When you see #denverbroncos colors how can you not be #DistractedByBeauty :)!!

2. Walking into the library to work I nearly missed this!!! Yes, you made in the Imago Dei, don’t forget. #DistractedByBeauty I love a good #bumpersticker

3. This is #4’s first #DenverBroncos game! She’s wearing her mom’s vintage orange crush shirt and I’m wearing my Super Bowl shirt from when the Broncos were in their first one! All four of Tom Young’s granddaughters have sat in his seat. She has been looking forward to this for months :)! I love you #4!!#DistractedByBeauty

4.Bought temporary scripture tattoos this week and this is what I’ve been thinking and praying about. And then I read this from “Soul Keeper”: The Bible does use the word easy once, though. It came from Jesus. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and … And you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. “Easy is a soul word, not a circumstance word; not an assignment word. Aim at having easy circumstances, and life will be hard all around. Aim at having an easy soul, and your capacity for tackling hard assignments will actually grow. The soul was not made for an easy life. The soul was made for an easy yoke. P 126

After the week I’ve had, I needed that reminder :-). #DistractedByBeauty in the form of encouragement. #armedwithtruth


So, we’re not talking high literature, and my use of exclamation marks might border on excessive. But I am more actively look for and appreciating the beauty that’s around me. Beauty that points me to the joy and mystery of our faith.

Grace and Peace and #DistractedByBeauty,