Graphics for those in Looming Transitions

These graphics were made with you in mind. They can be private reminders to you as screen savers or used in blogs, newsletters, and social media. I’ve also included tweets. They are for you to use as you see fit! I’ve made two versions of each, a rectangle and a square.

Let me know if there are other images you’d like for me to create!

With blessing,


messymiddle (at) gmail (dot) com


This transition will not become the sum total of your life 

Not the sum total Instagram


Not the sum total


Are you grounded in chocolate or Jesus? 

Chocolate instagram

Grounded in ChocolateDoes it feel like the end of a dream or the start of one? 

End or start Instagram

End of a Dream

It is tempting to rush through this in-between phase and hurry on to the next thing. Don’t. 

Don't hurry instagram

Don't rush

We want to live in a world where life is easy and the laws of reaping and sowing done’t apply—at least not to us.  

Reaping and Sowing Instagram

Reaping and Sowing