Practical in nature, Looming Transitions places a strong emphasis on:

  • Keeping your soul fertile as you stay grounded in Christ
  • Looking for the lighter moments
  • Learning about yourself
  • Helping others
  • Making lists
  • Leaning into grief as you prepare for your transition

How can you keep your soul fertile and sanity intact during transition?

This book is for those who will be going through a major life transition, either moving to the field or preparing to return to your ‘home’ country.

Looming Transition is on Amazon (both Kindle and print) and at Createspace. I earn slightly more if you buy a print copy at createspace, but if you’ve got a good gig going on with Amazon, guilt free buy from Amazon.

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Also Available:

22 Activities for Families in Transition is a companion guide to Looming Transitions: Starting and Finishing Well in Cross-Cultural Service. It is available as a downloadable PDF for $5 or on Kindle for $2.99 (PDF and Kindle).

These twenty-two activities will help your family to:

—process through your transition as a family

—create a fun vocabulary to connect as a family

—stay together, maybe even come through stronger, as a family

The activities follows structure in Looming Transitions and are adaptable to the ages of your children.

Know a family you could buy this for as a gift?

Looming Transitions Workbook is a companion guide to Looming Transitions: Starting and Finishing Well in Cross-Cultural Service.

This PDF is designed to help you process through the material you read in Looming Transitions. You can print it off and fill it in by hand OR type your responses directly into the workbook.

One of the pressing questions in Looming Transitions was: “How can you keep your soul fertile and your sanity intact during transition?” This workbook will help you do just that.

Interested in buying multiple copies for individuals:

  • in your organization preparing to go to the field
  • In your organization preparing for a Home Assignment or Re-entry
  • a team going through transition
  • several friends you know who have a looming transition

Check out the multiple copy option where the more you buy, the cheaper the workbook is.