Hi, I’m Amy –

My name is Amy and I live in the messy middle of life.

This website started as a blog in 2011 when I still lived in China. It was a place to share the “messy middle” of life. For years I’ve believed that more than one thing can be true at the same time and the pains, joys, boredoms, frustrations, interests, relationships, and God can all reside near each other.

Since then, the internet has changed and I’ve changed. In addition, I’ve written six books and started two ministries, Velvet Ashes and Global Trellis, advocating for Great Commission Workers.

I’ve always been drawn to creating spaces that hold tensions. I’m glad you’re here!.

“Amy Young understands, advocates for, and loves Great Commission Workers. She’s willing to talk about the hard topics and create resources to keep us those of us on the field healthy and connected to Jesus.”

Selected Works:

These are three of my most popular books – focused on all stages for Great Commission Workers. For a full selection, see my Books page.

Summer Reading Challenge

Each year, I run a Summer Reading Challenge. This year will be our 9th year! Read 7 books out of 25+ categories between June 1st and August 16th and enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card. To enter . . . simply decide you’re in. You can find the list of categories here. Near August 16th, I’ll put up a blog post that you can comment on with the books you’ve read. That’s all. Happy reading!

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