Are you looking for a guest for your podcast, a keynote speaker, or someone to present a workshop or break out session?

You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve been interviewed on more than 30 podcasts and spoken at the following conferences or organizations:

For Great Commission Work:

  • Assemblies of God World Missions
  • Azmera
  • Care Connexion Conference
  • Coaching Mission International
  • ELIC
  • Family Missions Company
  • Global Trellis
  • MC2
  • MOVE Conference
  • PTM
  • Reach Beyond
  • Steiger
  • Velvet Ashes
  • Via Nations (Formerly: Support Raising Solutions)

For Writing:

  • Writers on the Rock
  • Illumify Media

I have spoken on a variety of topics pertinent to Great Commission Workers. Recent topics Include:

  1. Seven Types of Rest Cross-Cultural Workers Need
  2. Pitfalls Every Cross-Cultural Worker Needs to Avoid
  3. Introduction to Member Care
  4. Transitions (I wrote a book on this topic and can speak on many areas)
  5. Getting Ready for Your First Year on the Field (I wrote a book on this topic)
  6. How to Celebrate in Cross-Cultural Work
  7. Managing Tension in a Changing World
  8. How to be an Effective Sending Church
  9. The Tension Between Risk and Rest on the Field
  10. Becoming More Fruitful: Keeping Metrics in Their Proper Place
  11. Five Skills for Member Care
  12. A Growth vs. Fixed Mindset in Cross-Cultural Work
  13. Stress in Cross-Cultural Work: two pieces you’re probably missing
  14. Communicating Effectively with Supporters (I wrote a book and created a course related to this topic)
  15. Support Raising, Soul Care, and the Story You Secretly Believe
  16. How to Guard a Dream
  17. You Need to Laugh!
  18. Four Types of Care People Need (and the one everyone misses)
  19. What We Wish Senders Knew: For Senders
  20. What We Wish Senders Knew: For Goers

And more! I’m open to meeting your speaking need! Let’s chat!

Amy is a wonderful blend of earthy and sublime who connects with a wide range of people.  She warms up the crowd with honest (and very funny) life stories, then slowly transitions to spiritual truths in the messy places of life. Amy is Biblical, authentic, relatable. She speaks to the mind and the heart. She gives her audience the gift of  feeling understood and challenged:  a rare speaker, indeed. I heartily recommend her for youth and women’s retreats, mission conferences, and college chapels. You’ll laugh. You’ll be encouraged. You’ll want her back again.

Sarah Harrison, Pepperdine University

I have heard Amy speak several times over the years. She has the ability to quickly connect with her audience and keep them engaged. The listeners walk away with valuable knowledge that was delivered in such a way to make it easy to recall and apply to real life situations. I would highly recommend Amy for conferences and/or training seminars.

Liz Talcott

I’ve heard Amy speak many times to large groups and small ones. Every time Amy speaks she is energetic and passionate about the topics. She is also very relational with her audience. She’s the kind of speaker that you listen to and think to yourself, “I want to be friends with her because she understands me and I would like to hang out with her afterwards.” I always leave refreshed and encouraged after hearing her speak.

Jonathan Wu