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Amy is a wonderful blend of earthy and sublime who connects with a wide range of people.  She warms up the crowd with honest (and very funny) life stories, then slowly transitions to spiritual truths in the messy places of life. Amy is Biblical, authentic, relatable. She speaks to the mind and the heart. She gives her audience the gift of  feeling understood and challenged:  a rare speaker, indeed. I heartily recommend her for youth and women’s retreats, mission conferences, and college chapels. You’ll laugh. You’ll be encouraged. You’ll want her back again. Sandra Harrison Pepperdine University

I have heard Amy speak several times over the years. She has the ability to quickly connect with her audience and keep them engaged. The listeners walk away with valuable knowledge that was delivered in such a way to make it easy to recall and apply to real life situations. I would highly recommend Amy for conferences and/or training seminars. Liz Talcott

Hear Amy Speak:

I am available to speak on topics related to personal development:

  1. Preparing for a transition: managing physical and emotional stress, role deprivation/changes, helping others
  2. Setting and Managing Expectations: of your role/self, co-workers, culture, God, signs of burnout
  3. Communication between the genders: based on men are like waffles and women like spaghetti
  4. Get your thinking straight: a look at how automatic negative thoughts may be getting in your way
  5. What’s that you say?: Become a better listener and overall communicator
  6. How to know if you are pre- or post-griever . . . and why it matters
  7. What’s your currency?: Don’t associate currency only with money. A look at different ways we can pay
  8. How to avoid making bad choices: the importance of knowing our triggers

Related to China

  1. China 101: an overview of Chinese culture and mindset
  2. Chinese students 101: ten education-related areas our cultures have different understandings
  3. A novel approach to China: a fun and non-traditional approach to history

Related to spiritual growth and development

  1. Household codes and their role in the New Testament: understanding “submitting”
  2. Joseph, Esther, Daniel: lessons from three cross-cultural workers
  3. Being stretched over a lifetime: a look at ten people in the Bible at different life stages
  4. Open to topics of your suggestion (I love the Bible!)

I’ve heard Amy speak many times to large groups and small ones. Every time Amy speaks she is energetic and passionate about the topics. She is also very relational with her audience. She’s the kind of speaker that you listen to and think to yourself, “I want to be friends with her because she understands me and I would like to hang out with her afterwards.” I always leave refreshed and encouraged after hearing her speak.  Jonathan Wu

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