Organizations that support cross-cultural workers

Barnabas International—offers care for global worker, training for organizations, and retreats.

Kaleidoscope—works with third culture kids to create safe spaces where they can share their stories and process transition.

Paracletosprovides encouragement, training, tools as they have pre-field, on-field, and post-field services as they “encourage, equip, and enable”

RockyReentry.coma website with lots of helpful, informative, and “reality-check” posts.

Pre-field training

Aquire (by TRAIN International)—This two-week intensive training empowers cross-cultural workers with the best known current strategies and tools in language acquisition. 

COMPASS (part of MTI)—adult and child tracks available.

Orient (by TRAIN International)—This two-week pre-departure training equips prospective cross-cultural workers with a solid foundation for cross-cultural life. TRAIN International also offers seminars for churches on supporting cross-cultural workers. 


Abide (by TRAIN International)—This one-week renewal for those transitioning back into American culture debriefs the cross-cultural experience, explores reverse culture shock, and equips for healthy reentry into the home culture.

Debriefing and Renewal (part of MTI)—gives people the chance to reflect on their journey and engage with the Father about their story. Adult and child tracks available.

ELIM Retreatsprovide spiritual debriefing, spiritual renewal, and pastoral care of the global worker.

Emmaus Encounterprovides a safe place for men and women of the Christian faith to process events of the past, so that they may grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and move forward in health.

Retreats Around the World

Azmera—for Christians working outside of their home country (open to anyone, including diplomatic and business expats).

Breathe Conference—in Switzerland for singles, couples, families (so they have kid programs). It’s put on by Catalyst who has a great list of resources.

Come Before Winteroffers a yearly renewal retreat for women in ministry.

Serving Single—for singles on the field.

Thrive—for North Americans.

Traction—This conference is focused on helping men navigate their roles to regain spiritual footing and momentum to move forward.

Retreats and Retreat Centers in North America

Alongside—”Renewal and Growth Retreat.” (Michigan)

Eden Ridge—retreat and vacation center for those serving and their extended family. (Tennessee)

Fairhaven Ministriespersonal retreat and counseling center. (North Carolina and Vancouver, BC)

Potter’s Inn—caring for the soul of leaders in ministry and marketplace. (Divide, CO)

Counseling Centers

Linkcarestrives to help their clients face life’s issues and challenges so they can be more effective in life and ministry. They  provide care for the health and growth of the entire person, including psychological, emotional, intellectual, familial, cultural, and spiritual dimensions. (California)

Minnesota Renewal CenterAs skilled psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and pastoral counselors, they will come alongside you in your struggle and work with you to enable insight, understanding, restoration, and hope for whatever difficulty you are facing. (Minnesota)

The Rest InitiativeTRI serves as the primary resource to assure the emotional stability of your staff. We provide ongoing support through confidential face-to-face coaching, assessments, debriefing, and equipping.They have links to some good online assessments about stress, compassion fatigue, burnout, and stress here. (Florida)

Distant/Online Counseling

Oaks Counselingprovides emotional support and counseling at little or no cost both on the field and during re-entry (Georgetown TX).

Walking in Their Shoesprovides confidential supportive care as a service to international Christian workers wherever they are in the world.


CMIprovides affordable professional coaching to Overseas Workers.

MCIserves spiritual leaders in their personal and professional life.


As Soon As I Fell by Kay Bruner

Expectations and Burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commission by Sue Eenigenburg and Robynn Bliss

Looming Transitions: Starting and Finishing Well in Cross-Cultural Service by Amy Young: Workbooks for individual and families also available

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