Taco Bell, I Didn’t Expect This Gift From You! {Linkup}

Remember in May when I gave a shout-out to Denver’s Botanic Gardens and the Chihuly blown glass exhibit? Just to feed your soul a bit, here are a few pictures:

Chihuly art

I know right? How does he do it? How many injuries are there with blown glass? So many questions.

Thank you to my friend Gloria for this picture. She has also lived in China so didn’t mind I was pushing the rules a bit by leaning in. Wait, it might have been her idea in the first place.

Amy at the gardenIt really is a stunning exhibit. It’s also open at night and lit up. Wow. Just wow. Here’s one:


Saturday was one of those near ideal evenings (other than the crowds). The weather was lovely, everyone was in a good mood, and then we added to the mix what that man and his team can do with glass. There comes a point where “stunning” and “Wow” and “Oh I LOVE this one” lose their power and wordlessness speaks more profoundly.

On the way home Mom and I had peeled off from my sister and her family. We were sitting at the final stop light before we were home when Mom said, “Oh look … never mind.” It’s amazing how quickly our souls got used to looking for beauty  in the dark. Out of the corner of her eye she had seen the pink and purple of a Taco Bell and for a moment her soul fluttered.

That is the power of tuning in. You start to expect and see things you might otherwise have missed. And suddenly a Taco Bell can be a reminder of an evening spent with beauty and loved ones and nature.

I felt a turn in my soul this past month when it came to my word for the year: Trust. Months of intentionally noticing have paid off with a settling in my being. It’s like after spending time intentionally looking at blown glass in the dark, you now seewhispers of it outside the walls of the garden. No, I don’t have trust all figured out (and this is part of the joy of the adventure.).

But if you haven’t chosen a word for the year, how about choosing one for the season. There is power in focusing on one aspect or word. And there is paradox. For I no longer see “trust” in the expected places, I’m starting to see them in the so-called Taco Bells of the world.

What might your word for this season be? Do you love Taco Bell as much as I do? Have you seen an art exhibit at night? So many questions, I know :).

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When the Burden Is Heavy

One of my friends has started jokingly referring to herself as Jobetta, Job’s little sister.

In the last few weeks friends have taken hit after hit. Death, cancer, accidents, broken bones, sick kids, drunken drivers involved, plane crashes, car crashes, life plan crashes.

It’s heavy stuff.

When the burden is heavy


The first few hits certainly connected and I felt them.

But the blows have been coming fairly steadily since the beginning of September. I’m tired of having bad things happen to people I love. There is no magic dust to sprinkle over these situations. Yes, God is at work and hope is present; but that doesn’t shorten the path, does it?

No it doesn’t. (I’ll answer my own rhetorical question, wink.)

But there is nudge in my soul to look for small mercies and name them.

And they are there. Again and again. Small mercy upon small mercy.

No, the path may not be shortened, but it can be sprinkled with twinkling lights at night and small flowers during the day.

I do not understand how small mercies work. They feel a bit like facing Goliath with a sling shot. But right now, I am leaning into the power of mercies and in this season the mercy offered is paradoxical. The more I notice, the more there are. No, the road may not be shorter, but the burden carried on the road is lighter.

I lean over, find another small mercy, pick it up and load it into my slingshot.

Thank you Jesus for the small mercies offered. Please help me have eyes to see them. Amen

What small mercies have been extended to you this week?

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Ten “Americans Really Do THAT?” from Chinese Scholars Living in the U.S.

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Too much this

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labor day

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3 headlines you might have missed

3 headlines

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