We all are who we are until that moment when we strive for something greater. –Brad Meltzer

Thus began a post by Amy Sullivan. She shared a list of people who have gone out to “do great things.” I commented:

 messymiddle.com said…This IS inspiring. But it also leaves me a bit depressed :). I wonder what I am doing with my life and if I’m doing anything of significance. On the surface, my life DOES look like it’s making a difference … but from the inside looking out, I’m less sure! Amy

A week or so later Amy S. emailed me asking if I’d write a guest post expanding on my thoughts as this is something most of us wrestle with. Well, knowing me, you can guess my response! Never one to pass up a chance to talk, I said sure. In an interesting twist of “seriously?!” we discovered this week that Amy S’s good friend is good friends with my sister. I know. Seriously?! Yes.


When I first saw Sarah: Plain and Tall I connected instantly with Sarah. I understood why she’d pack up and leave a life she’d known to move from Boston to Kansas. She was responding to the pull to invest in something MORE.

I understood because I too have felt the pull. I’m guessing you know just what I’m talking about because you’ve felt it too. I wanted to live in such a way that at the end I could look back without regrets. And so I invested in response to God’s leadings.

I am now midcourse, no longer …continue reading here