Member Care is a term used in the world of M’s and cross-cultural workers. You can get a master’s degree in Member Care or even a PhD! In essence, it’s a fancy way to ask “how can we provide care for our folks?” How can we support them holistically and not just use them up and spit them out? How do we handle the most precious asset God has entrusted us with? People.

Though the term is specific to the M Field, I’d love to see it catch on and spread to churches, organizations, clubs, families, work places. And you know when I get worked up about something, well as a friend said earlier this week when I mentioned this piece, “Amy, this isn’t your first manifesto.”

I can’t help it that I’m passionate! If you only knew all of the manifestos I don’t write :)! This one, however, is the one I care most about.

member care manifesto


I am passionate about member care and have been frustrated at times with our narrow applications. Ideally member care advocates for all members at all times, but the reality is that certain times are given more attention. The two areas I have seen become the default attentions grabbers are when people transition to the field and at times of crisis.

We can do better and this is My Manifesto for Member Care.


“You know, that sounds exactly like what you do for member care, Amy.” My teammate said this in the midst of a team Bible study on the prophet Zechariah.

I had thought so too. More than that, I appreciated how succinctly God and His prophet phrased my core beliefs. By chapter 11 in Zechariah, the prophet had about had it with God’s people and their persistent disobedience and laid out fairly clearly what was going to happen to them. In part, they would be left to “foolish” shepherds instead of “good” ones.

Take again the equipment of a foolish shepherd. For I am going to raise up a shepherd over the land who will not care for the lost, or seek the young, or heal the injured, or feed the healthy.” Zechariah 11: 15 and 16

I almost made a Youtube video of me talking about this passage so you could hear how excited and hopeful I get talking about member care. Do you see it? Do you see God’s comprehensive heart for us? Not just at times of transition and crisis, but for all of us?

For the meat of the manifesto head over to Velvet AshesYour passionate friend, Amy :)

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  1. Susan Gaines January 30, 2015 at 9:31 am - Reply

    I would love to see that YouTube video of you preaching this!

    Amy, I want you to know my husband of 36 years (God’s hand-picked gift for me) died two months ago. We married at age 29 and prior to our marriage I was God’s girl in a unqiue way, as was he, God’s man. I am now, once again, God’s girl. I suppose at this age I should say woman, but I do believe my glorified body will once again reflect His “girl”.

  2. Mark Allman February 6, 2015 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    You should make this into a pdf you can share with everyone. It is really good.

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