Two years ago I blogged through the month of October. It is by far, my favorite series. As I read over the list, a place deep within me exhales.


Long-time readers know, I am taken with “the language of Eden” and how it was supposed to flow out of us; instead we speak the language of Eden Lost.

For just a moment, can you picture spending a day in Eden prior to the fall? A land without brokenness, sickness, debt, hunger, stubbed toes, escaped curse words, rush hour traffic frustrations. Instead, a land of generosity and freedom and contentment. As foreign as that may be right now, a part of us whispers, yes, yes, yes. Now that sounds like where I want to live. Who I want to be. How I want to interact.

I know that I need reminders from Eden and I bet you do too.

You might be in a very un-Eden-like place right now. Come in, you are welcome here. This isn’t meant to be a place for just the happy, clappy (though if that’s you, you’re welcome too!). I am so used to Eden Lost (and how could I not be, tis my home), these reminders are meant to be just that … reminders. And encouragements. And maybe challenges. But I’ll leave that last one up to you and the Holy Spirit. This isn’t meant to be a backhanded scolding. No, we get enough of those.

If you want more of the back story on how my interest in Eden was sparked, you can read about the view from the 17th floor and a sign at my gym.

(1) This is day one. Eden is a place of:

(2)  LOVE






(8)  TRUTH





(13)  UNITY






(19)  FAITH


(21)  JOY




(25)  HOPE




(29) PEACE



Follow up posts: Building a bench {for a conversation}

What can a photo add to a post?

An invitation to slow down and remember

A picture of God’s heart

Exhale, oh my soul. And breath.

Which reminder did you need today?

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