3 headlines you might have missed

The headlines of late are sobering and saddening.

And though certainly worthy of being given space and time and attention and prayers, they are not the only news.

I repeat. THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY NEWS. I don’t want to be the kind of person who lives in denial of the pain and suffering around me. But I also fear we (at least ‘we’  Americans) are so prone to dichotomist thinking that we don’t make enough space to hold more than one truth. The world is either a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad place OR it is a all rainbows and kittens.

Living in the messy middle is about being able to name the pain and suffering and look for ways to help AND being able to name the joys and successes and look for ways to enjoy life.

You know the headlines that crossed your path this week, but they were not the complete truth. Here are a few you might have missed.

3 headlines

Grandma uses chocolate therapy to help wilted child

Every day this week Grandma picked up Niece #1 from a long day of band camp (!!! a real editor would remove those). Niece #1 was greeted with two small pieces of chocolate and an adult who looked for small ways to validated her day and add a few laughs on the drive home.

In other news, and better yet, a variation of this happened again and again. At sports  and band camps, caring adults encouraged and invested in kids.

Sisters prepare future 1st Grader

Niece #4 started first grade this week, bringing the joy known as school lunch! She loves talking and is easily distractible so much discussion has occurred with older sisters wondering what lunch time would be like for her. This week, #2 and #3 packed a lunch that would be exactly like the ones she’ll eat during the school year, gave her 20 minutes to consume it, and timed her.

They were happy to report she came in under time! May this predict a good first grade year for her and millions of others.

Strangers nice on an airplane

Two people who appeared not to know each other joked as they boarded a crowded plane. The line was long and the jetway hot, yet they were friendly. It was reported that later when they saw each other in the post flight bathroom break on the way to luggage they greeted each other with fondness and even a bit of travel humor.

We hear about the few really ugly fliers, can you imagine the joy we’d experience if every single time two people were kind to each other?


There are other headlines in our lives too (Memorial Service to be held for Peter). but if all we share are these kind of headlines, it’s not a balanced diet for our souls. If there is anything we learn from hanging around Jesus in the Gospels, it’s that he dined from all tables and didn’t fed himself with just one kind of food. Our minds and souls need to be fed a balanced diet too.

Please share a headline from your week in the comments and help to feed my soul :) — all headlines welcome! (Ok, most, welcome :))

Photo credit Luc de Leeuw via flickr


  1. Amy L. (formerly F.) ^_^ says:

    Woman survives encounter with badger only to trip later (of her own klutzy doing) and bash knee

  2. 4 year old discovers misprinted “upside down i” is actually exclamation mark!

  3. You’ve inspired me!!! Hmmm, a headline from my week?!?! Teacher Wrings Relaxation from Final Summer Days. (This is kind of fun!! I’m going to keep playing with this idea. Thank you!
    Michelle Haseltine recently posted…JoyMy Profile

  4. Kristy Zink says:

    12 Year Old Girls Goes to Junior High Nervous. Comes out of School with Smile on Face!

  5. Now, this is my kind of news. If news were more like this I’d read/watch it more often.
    Laura Connell recently posted…Robin Williams, Matt Damon, and Oprah + LinkupMy Profile

    • Agreed! I really don’t watch the news that much any more and sometimes feel rather uninformed, but mostly just feel less annoyed with the world :)

  6. Couple blessed with suprise fifth boy given crib, bassinet & other vital baby items. Hope for all his little needs being met flourishes.

  7. “Son gets the joy of helping his father prepare his LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) for flight, including sitting in the cockpit and starting the engine.”

    I’m the son! :-)

  8. 2 year old nephew and 33 year old auntie BOTH discover they love the BIG slide at the park!

  9. Air pollution index in my city under 100 all week!
    (My city’s air pollution always gets a bad rap)

  10. CHINA: Foreigner attempts to order first milk tea of life, to no avail
    Allison Sweatman recently posted…17 Aug 2014My Profile

  11. Grandpuppy comes to visit and makes facetime-ing with 3 year old grandson a fun change from just looking at old grammy and pap. In other related news, only one puppy mistake to clean up!

  12. Crisis averted: Homemade brownies save the day when chocolate stash is depleted.

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