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If you’ve ever wondered, “Hey, is there something I could do for Amy?” I’m here to say there is. And thank you for wondering.

I’m in need of signs for my page More Signs of Eden Regained. In case you haven’t had a chance to look at the book Signs of Eden Regained you can get it in either color or black and white.

I’d like to start a semi-regular feature where YOU submit a photo of a sign you’ve seen. This can play out several ways. You could write about how it challenges/instructs/nudges you to speak the Language of Eden OR you can challenge me to share what I think it might be saying.

For example, I saw this sign at a conference site last January:

I wrote about it in January asking  what if  all of life came with warning signs. And we know that Eden did. I ended that post, but if we are hell bent on doing what we will, He will let us fall through the ice – standing with a towel at the edge.


So, will you help a sister out? What signs have you seen? How might we see the signs in signs? Get those cameras out and send your photo (and words, if you want!) to messymiddle (at)

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