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What a fun week :). Thanks for joining in and spreading the word!

In case you missed any:

  • It’s finally here! {Hint: Let them eat pi} — two fun pi songs. I played them five times yesterday in class. The students loved them and I’ve added to how far I can say pi.
  • Oh pi, you are a witty one  — the two favorites of my students: “mind blown” (wish you could have heard the gasps!) and Pi’s full name.
  • These jokes will tickle your Pi bone — let’s just say that showing a picture of a cow pi/e to class after class of junior highers was a high point of my day. Their reactions were hilarious!
  • Pi-ku, we do love you –if you haven’t had a chance, go back and look at the comment section. You’ve outdone yourself! There’s a piku story, piku using Chinese, piku by kids, and even a piku about the numbers in pi!

Here are a few piku from my students.

Junior highers are universal

Junior highers are universal!

Piku 3

But then they go and say something so profound. I love this age!

Piku 4

Isn’t that impressive!

And then these three gems by one of my favorite students.

Piku 1

And the winner of a pie: Becky! Congratulations! When your name was drawn, I was delighted knowing you love pi the way I do :) (I’ll be sending you an email with details.)

What do you think of the NBA pikus? Which student piku caught your fancy? Again, thanks for a great week! Amy

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  1. Debbie Marshall March 17, 2013 at 9:49 am - Reply

    For another slice of pi, go to and check out this project by high school students:

    Visualizing Pi: Mural with High School Math Students
    by Ellie Balk

    • Avatar photo
      Amy March 18, 2013 at 6:36 am - Reply

      super cool! thanks for sharing :)

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