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You all know that I love sports. Some might say too too much. And don’t even get me going on sports movies! OK, now that you’ve got me going — last summer the movie 42 sparked a three part series: How sports movies helped me love America, Four reasons sports movies move me, and my 15 favorite sports movies.

So this weekend was ONE GIANT DISAPPOINTMENT FOR ME. And my NCAA bracket. Shot to hell. Yes, hell, because there is nothing redemptive about it.

But in God’s providential timing, today is the day I’m guest posting over at Addie Zierman‘s, author of When we were on fire

And people, the post is about sports and theology (my truly favorite subject). The bio for the piece was written in mid-January when the Broncos were, well, let’s just say flying high and my dad was alive. So, when you read it, and you think, are you delusional? I’d forgotten to reread it and update it when Addie graciously accepted it. I reread it today. #Oopies :)

how do you explain eternity

It’s a piece I love and I’m thankful it has found a place at Addie’s. And thankfully there is not one mention of either basketball or football.


“The squirrel ate the pumpkins!”

I had trouble following the bubbly voice of my five-year-old niece so I stepped away from the softball game to I hear her better.

Through gasps she told me how the squirrel had been eating their pumpkins and she and her oldest sister had mixed up some spicy concoction and the squirrel had licked it and run off! This is the short and clear version of the story. I’ll spare you the confusion I faced as she giggled and wove the details in a less than linear fashion.

But the delight rang through so I didn’t mind the meandering tale. When she’d finished and didn’t need to recount it any more, I tried to hold up my end of the conversation by telling her I was at a softball game with my friend and her daughter.

Silence on the other end.

Do you know what softball is? No, she answered. (Continue by clicking here)


Thanks Addie! Amy, a sad KU fan

Photo credit: Leonrw via flickr


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