Pay it forward (part two — You must meet these people!)

Yesterday I shared about this blog hop I’ve joined. Part one was a bit about me, projects I’m working on, and my writing process. Today I’m excited to introduce you to three friends (and to show how this internet world has been such a blessing to me). I hope you’ll pop by these three and leave a comment of encouragement to them. So many great people in the world, aren’t there? c

2013 lynn lgI met Lynn at a writer’s conference. It was late at night and I was scarfing down my ice cream sundae trying not to make eye-contact (I’m really not the best when I don’t already know someone) when Lynn said something to me. I remember thinking two things, “Wow, this stunningly gorgeous woman is talking to me even though I’m hunched over my ice cream and shoveling it in” and “she has a lyrical voice.” Turns out we bonded over NOT getting chosen as finalists for a writing contest we’d both entered. That evening she gave me a copy of a devotional she’d written for women who discover their husband’s have a porn problem. When I returned to my room that night I was curious if it was well written or …. not. OH. MY. WORD. This devotional should be in the hands of every pastor, counselor, or friend as a resource to offer when this particular nightmare enters your world. I found Lynn the next day and gushed in my subtle way. We’ve become friends. Please go to her website, poke around and download the free devotional.


about emilyI met Emily when we both lived and worked in China. I worked with her husband more directly (he was a JOY to work with) and knew Emily as “Eric’s cool wife.” They returned to the States. Years passed. I returned to the States. She contacted me, “Hey the hubs, kids and I are coming to Colorado, want to meet and talk me off a writing ledge?” Since then, she’s no longer “Eric’s cool wife” to me. What I love about Emily is that she’s wrestled with infertility (you can read about it on her blog) and now finds mothering to a bit more challenging than she imagined. I love this about her — we’ve all been there, longed for something so deeply and are so glad, blessed, and thankful to have been given the object of our longing only to find out there were a few unanticipated parts to that longing. Emily could be a stand up comedian. She’s also a gifted maker of beautiful canvases. 


Tanya_Marlow_Summer_13b-500x500I met Tanya on line and sensed a kindred spirit. Though separated by years and countries (she’s got a lovely British accent!) and the fact we’ve never met in person, I consider her a friend. The reason I want to you check out and follow Tanya’s blog is because she writes openly and poignantly about suffering and faith. She has a rare disease that leaves her house bound most of the time. When we had the theme of suffering at Velvet Ashes, Tanya’s piece on “thorns and gold” was stunning. I’m drawn to people who have learned to thrive, though not in the traditional sense, in the midst of the reality they find themselves. Not to take joy IN it, but IN-SPITE of the “it.” Tanya is such a person. She’s taking a bit of a blogging break this summer for her health, but please still poke around. Her series on God and suffering should be required reading for life.

If you could pay it forward, who would you give a shout out to?


  1. Thank you!!! I found three inspirational new blogs! I’m so grateful!!
    Michelle Haseltine recently posted…Morning TimeMy Profile

    • There’s so much out there, it’s nice to be pointed to quality, isn’t it :)! What’s one or two you’d recommend I check out?

  2. Amy, Thank you for the lovely introduction! I’m so grateful for your friendship and honored you chose me in your blog hop! That was an AWESOME ice cream buffet!

    • Lynn, you’re welcome! And it was! Funny how some people were excited to meet Ted Dekker, I now fondly look back on that ice cream buffet and barely remember him. I recall it as the birth place of our friendship. :)!

  3. Girl! You are so sweet!! I was so alarmed to see my face on your blog this morning! Love this idea. I want to do something like this on my site too!

    • HA! I can guess why you were alarmed … I’m a bit of a lose canon :)! I’m glad it was a nice surprise! And I mean it to anyone reading this: GO READ EMILY’s BLOG!

  4. Aashdoda says:

    I love your idea Amy! Your friends are great. It’s nice to see someone reach out to help their friends the old fashioned way with new tech. I’m following them all with interest.
    Blessings, Aashdoda

    • Thanks Aashdoda! Isn’t it cool to see the different ways people come into our lives? I like hearing those kind of stories too!

  5. You are ALL KINDS OF AWESOME, friend. Hope to catch up again properly soon!
    Tanya Marlow recently posted…On love and sunglasses – de{tales}My Profile

    • No, you are. Truly. It’s funny how even in adulthood we can marvel that someone we are drawn to is drawn to us. Thanks for offering me the gift of friendship and I deeply hope more will sit at your feet and learn from you.

  6. Mark Allman says:

    Tanya Marlow is one of my most favorite friends and bloggers. She always surprises me with her writing which I love. Tanya is a warrior. She battles and fights for all who suffer. She is also a great encourager. Like you Amy she responds to almost every comment left on her site. My most favorite post by her are: and and and I cried when I read the first one there on the box.

    • Mark, I wholeheartedly agree with you! Thank you for linking some of Tanya’s writing — I went and reread The Box. That last line, wow. Tanya is a rare treasure and I hope more will learn from and with her.

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