Birthday week continues! Yesterday I wrote about becoming a so-called internet expert for certain search results (in review, yes meningitis is painful and no, I don’t know what to feed a pet chipmunk).  There are also search results that leave me scratching my head wondering how that search led to this blog. Every single one of them is real and unaltered, typed by a real human being somewhere and somehow they found their way here.

internet search

  1. Two friends big story– I’m dying to know what it was.
  2. Israelite’s obesity— huh? I’ve written about The Biggest Loser and the Israelites, but never about the Israelite’s on The Biggest Loser!
  3. “amy young” slow foodamy young’s lack of interest in cooking would have made more sense. Wink.
  4. i am going to quit my job and move to lawrence ks — Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Hope that move worked out for you.
  5. when my single pastor who is man text a single woman I miss you message what do he mean –um, I think this is more of a Dear Abby kind of a question.
  6. should I look in the mirror during exercise class–Probably not.
  7. jeff braden stole my kids — I … don’t have an appropriate response.
  8. the babysitters club book dawn kids taking care of are messy and mother late— sounds like you’ve got a lot going on.
  9. jcrew tissue tee holes — are you just listing random words and to see what comes up? Kind of like a modern “spin the bottle with the internet?”
  10. can u stop bleeding on paradox –u can, but only w/lots of pressure
  11. i am looking fora church in florida with a female jamaican pastor barret  — being that specific, I bet you found one.
  12. heresy’s pumpkin spice kisses –sound yummy this time of year.
  13. do men like being married to strong bossy women — hard to speak on behalf of all men. You might get better results if you have a specific person in mind.
  14. funny i have the same agreement with my mother about church — funny i think this is more a comment than an internet search.
  15. everyday i’m pastoring–Anybody else think this would be great line in a rap?
  16. can u picket a deadbeat mooms workplace— u can picket a mom’s workplace easier than a moon’s (since it’s in the sky)
  17. what can each letter stand for in mother — I have a niece who loves a good acrostic poem! I’m up for this. M is for mom cause that’s what you are. O is for organized since you’ve managed all of us. T is for the tears you’ve shed all because of me. H is for the heart you share with those around the world. E is for your English skills, too bad it wasn’t “G” for grammar nazi. R is for your radiant smile when you think of me. MOTHER!
  18. amy young my boyfriend mike and i– isn’t this more of a tag for fb? And I have no idea who this is.
  19. cream for intersection — almost sounds like a political slogan, doesn’t it?!
  20. 2012 a woman in our office recognize birthdays feels uncomfortable — well, maybe try again in 2013?
  21. who is mikkin helvig — um, my friend, I’m curious why you want to know?

Thanks internet, I owe ya! What have you searched to find this blog? What’s the craziest search that haws led people to your blog site?

P.S.  The subscription drive is still going on!  All who subscribe this week  can win a $20 gift certificate to a business of your choice (like amazon, itunes, Starbucks, that kind of thing).

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  1. LeAnne October 18, 2012 at 8:03 pm - Reply

    How do any but #18 land here? That’s wild! Gotta tell ya, though. Those JCrew tissue tees do get holes entirely too easily for the money they charge (the store, not the shirt). Remember your blog about not throwing stuff out? I’ve got a holey one in a drawer in the next room.

    • Avatar photo
      Amy October 19, 2012 at 5:49 am - Reply

      I wondered the same thing :) … and I hear ya on the drawers in the next room. wink!

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