You are my people and I love you! Many of you watched Looming Transitions be born and helped launch her into the world far beyond my wildest dreams for a book. Since then you have cheered on each subsequent book. . . that sentence alone humbles me! “Each subsequent book” would not exist if you had not encouraged me as a writer, shared the books with people who could benefit from them, or found other ways to help.

Publishing a book is a bit like having a baby: it’s a lot of work, the time frame it not always exact, and you want to share with everyone!!!

Today I written several posts about Becoming More Fruitful, but here, in this space, picture me bursting into the waiting room—because though the process is like given birth, I’m more able to burst into rooms—waving my arms and shouting, “She’s here!” and passing out book marks instead cigars. Long worked on projects are to be shared and celebrated. Hugs all around. Smiles and joy are shared and I ask “Do you want to join in the fun?’

No surprise you say, “Not really.” But then smile because you know I like to tease. Here’s how you can join in:

1. Celebrate! For the first time ever I’m hosting a book launch party. It will be on zoom so that people around the world can party. It’s August 23rd from 6:30 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. MST. Join here.

  • See some of the potential cover options and what went into choosing this cover
  • Hear about how this book came to be
  • I’ll do a short reading from the book
  • Get a present (what’s a party without a present :))
  • 5 people will win a copy of the book

2. May I boldly ask, buy a copy of Becoming More Fruitful in Cross-Cultural Work? Purchased copies help algorithms to recommend Becoming More Fruitful as an “also bought.”

3. Suggest or give Becoming More Fruitful to someone you know who is on the field, works in an organization, or is interested in Great Commission work. The best way a book sells is through word of mouth. If you tell them and they know you, they are much more likely to buy it. All organization should give Becoming More Fruitful to their people and discuss their organizational metrics vs. “walking with the Spirit” fruitfulness.

4. Leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. It does not need to be five stars (though if that’s what your heart is saying, go with your heart!). Amazon is funny, she just likes to see the amount of reviews. The more reviews (even three or four star), the more she will say, “Hey, maybe I should tell other people about this book.” The goal is 50 reviews within the first month.

5. Tell someone about Becoming More Fruitful. You know tons of people I don’t know. You know people living in Sweden or working at this church or for that organization. You know your neighbor’s cousin who is moving to Brazil or your former coworker who recently started his life on the field. You know mission committee members and pastors and counselors.

Here are photos if you want to share on social media, a blog, or in another way.

You might be a blogger who would like to interview me or write a review of Becoming More Fruitful (I can offer a copy as a giveaway). Who could you tell about this book?

To all who read the book and wrote reviews, thank you!!! Thank you to Deb Hall for editing and to Vanessa Mendozzi for the cover design and formatting.

To all who will help me celebrate, thank you!

To all of you, thank you for being my online, Amy-the-person people.

Now, let’s pop the cork on the bubbly, the fizzy apple juice, or the diet coke. Whatever is celebratory to you and let’s party!  I raise my glass to you and say, “Thank you.” Clink! Here’s to Becoming More Fruitful.

Leave a comment and two of you will win a copy (if mailed in the U.S.) or on Kindle (anywhere in the world). What fruit of the Spirit are you enjoying or needing these days?

With love and gratitude,


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