I’m not sure why hyping language — you know, words like high, new, bigger, better, goals, do, go, fly higher–  is pushing my buttons at an accelerated rate this year. But I’m here to testify that my buttons are pushed.

I read one about being a high achiever in 2015 and nearly lost it.

I get the allure, I do. Truth be told, if my choices are to be a high achiever or a low achiever in 2015, I’d choose high. Of course we want to contribute and achieve. I want what I’m investing in to matter and make a difference in this world. What’s more, I think it’s OK to want to achieve and invest.

But as I’ve been thinking about it and wondering why, why, why do I role my eyes and want to scream at something I believe in.  My beef is this: Your focus becomes your target. From math we know trajectories point to where an object in motion will land.

Just go bowling and try to deny this truth.

But trajectories can be influenced and small changes and lead to landing in a different spot.

I don’t think we need nudges to be better achievers or doers or to set more goals. We’ve got that down.

Here’s what my soul would liked to read:

Find Out What Connectors Are Doing in 2015 To Connect Better

To themselves

To others

To nature

To God

How does that headline sound to your soul?

The irony is through connections, achievement will happen, goals can be reached, and significance can be feasted on.

I took this photo when I was visiting my friend Amy. Her daughter Kate made a homemade spa for us and told us not to come in until she was ready and to notice our drinks. It is a small thing, a can of coke. But do you see how she sees me? The special effort she went to digging through all of the coke cans.


On another trip I volunteered to go pick her brother up at the high school one cold, rainy evening taking Kate with me leaving her mom on the couch with a few minutes of quiet. We got to cavorting in the empty streets and Kate said, “Oh Auntie Amy, you’re not like Jilly” (I’ve changed the name). Well I hope not! I thought to myself but wondered what prompted Kate to notice or comment.

“You make my mom laugh.”

I wanted to pull the car over and ask for a moment of silence. We were on holy ground. You make my mom laugh.

Now I’ve accomplished a lot in my life. If you want to know about achieving, I know about achieving. I have more education than most, have been in leadership for years, taught thousands of students, and mastered quite a few skills. But when it all comes down and I get to heaven and Jesus and I are reviewing the highlight reel of my life, this will be on the reel. You make my mom laugh. 

In other words, you connected in a significant way.

And connections are built on the backs of thousands of little things.

I don’t know what 2015 holds, what challenges and joys I’ll face. But I know this, I’m aiming to be a “high connector” and by aiming, hope I’ll hit my target.

What do you hope is said of you in 2015? Are hyping words annoying you? :)? It’s OK if they are inspiring you! What’s a small thing you have done today to connect with others?

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  1. Jamie Wright Bagley December 16, 2014 at 1:23 pm - Reply

    Amen. The headline of making connections sounds superb. It is one of my personal goals and it’s good to hear I’m not alone. I’m not immune to hype, but I have noticed its common inability to add depth and cultivate character, which are important to relationships and always intertwined with work and calling. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. (My highlight reel will heavily feature memories of shared laughs. They’re the best!)

  2. Mark Allman December 16, 2014 at 1:55 pm - Reply


    Amen and AMEN. People and our relationships with them need to be our focus for that is where the important journey is.

    I do want to pursue things that make me healthier and a better worker and person but they should pale in my desire to make life better for all who I get the honor to come in touch with.

    I want to make people smile, laugh, hope, be encouraged, inspired, and felt loved, needed, and worthy.

  3. David Rupert December 21, 2014 at 6:25 pm - Reply

    My hope is that I can encourage others. My greatest achievement will be in the achievement of others.

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