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Dear Youth Music Leader,

First of all, my hat off to you. Seriously, thank you thank you thank you. You go where few dare to go and you go there regularly. Into a room with squirrelly bodies and squirrelly hearts and you lead them in worship. Have I mentioned how grateful for you I am? I am. Sometimes because what you do can resemble herding cats more than herding hearts, it’s tempting to gloss over your importance to the Body of Christ. I was recently reminded of the seriousness of your calling and the ways that what you do will live on when a few months ago I found myself humming a tune I’d sung in that Fellowship Hall week after week as a kid.

It was a catchy tune I hadn’t thought of in years. I started to sing it under my breath and it was as if I was hearing it for the first time.

Life was filled with guns and war,

And everyone got trampled on the floor.

Did I seriously sing in church about guns, wars, and trampling? With other children? Not as a joke or part of a skit, but in worship?  read the rest here.

Warmly, Amy


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