I shared about The 30 Second Bible while the project was unfolding (and Nehemiah—the book I helped with—went live). Guess what?! It’s done! The whole Bible recorded in two 30 second segments, the first a summary and the second recording the good news of that book.

Bible picture 560

Here is the entire series. I find I have high intentions of listening, but I respond best to checklists so I can follow my progress :). So, I made a handy-dandy check-list for us! You can download the “Listen to the Bible Checklist” here.

What’s your favorite book in the bible? Or one you are curious to hear the recording? Share in the comments and I’ll listen. Let’s encourage each other :).


P.S. Thank you Jim Kast-Keat for the HOURS you invested in this for us all!

Ecclesiastes // Straight Up by Anna Spencer
2 Thessalonians // We Belong by Melissa Meyers
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