Language can be so fun. Take the word “restored,” for instance. My friend Mary DeMuth has started a podcast where she interviews people and talks with them about how God has re-storied them and in the process restored them.

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Just think, isn’t that what God does with all of us? I’m sure as you look back over your life, you have parts that you wouldn’t have chosen or did not go the way you expected. Yet God is at work.

Take heart! You join a long line of people who have been re-storied.

Joseph, sold into slavery, spent time in prison, abandoned for years is re-storied and placed in a position of influence.

Naomi who asked to change her name to Mara—Bitter—after her famine forced her and her family to relocate and then her husband and both sons died in a foreign land. She was re-storied through her daughter-in-law and new life.

David, killer of Goliath, friend of the king’s son, threat to the king spent years dodging an irrational enemy was re-storied again and again. David’s story does go on and on, doesn’t it?

Hannah, butt of the joke in a land the prized motherhood, mocked in her own family was re-storied with the birth of her son Samuel.

Amy Young, who thought she would retire in China, now living coatless in Denver. The last bit is a bit of an inside joke you’ll get if you listen to the podcast :). Last fall Mary interviewed me for the Restory Podcast and the interview went live this week.

You can listen to it here.  It was my first podcast to participate in and as I listened to it, two thoughts came to mind: I’m sorry I speak a little fast at times :). I get very excited! And on cue, I cry talking about children. I can’t help it. Children are worth crying over!

If you are in need of a little bit of encouragement, take heart, God is in the business of re-storying. It won’t always be fast (or fun), but it also usually isn’t all bad either. Guess what, it is the messy middle.

Where can you see God re-storying you?


P.S. I’ve listened to all of Mary’s interviews and she has really interesting people on (other than me, hahaha! Okay, I’m interesting too.). Enjoy listening to the other interviews too!




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  1. Mary DeMuth April 12, 2016 at 8:34 am - Reply

    So great to have you on the Restory Show. LOVED your words, your journey!

  2. Jody Lee Collins April 14, 2016 at 12:48 pm - Reply

    Amy (and Mary :-) I like the idea of being ‘re-storied’ and restored. God is always editing our lives, eh? Praise Him!

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