My plan is to share something that moved me or made me think when I read it during the week. William Strutthers writes in Wired for Intimacy:

We live in a world that values others based on what they have accomplished in life, how intelligent they are or what their social status is. But for the Christian, this is not where a person receives their value. The value and dignity of each human life, male and female, is based on the biblical doctrine that each person is made in the image of God. Our value is not in our intellecutal abilities, social status, the number of children we produce, the number of degrees we obtain or the size of our bank account. Our value is found first in Christ Jesus, whose image we bear. It in not a matter of degree; it is categorical.

Categorical. Love that. As one with many of the things listed above, it is important to remember that while they add flavor and opportunities and purpose to my life, they do not add substantive value to me as a person.

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