A few weeks ago I became a Compassion International Blogger. In essence, every now and then they will send out assignments to people who have agreed to be a Compassion International blogger.

Even as I type that I feel not worthy.

If you know anything about Compassion International or World Vision, you know that they are involved in bring hope to children. Hope in the form of clean water, medical care, educational opportunity, life skill training, and Bibles in their native language. You know, big, amazing, worthy things because they do them for the least of these to change lives and offer lasting hope. They do this by sponsoring kids like him or her or him.

When I heard about being a Compassion Blogger, I had a whole list of reasons why I should not do it.

  • Isn’t that something famous bloggers do? People with more reach than I have? {Not that I don’t appreciate you, it’s my insecurities, not yours.}
  • I support a child through World Vision. {Am I disloyal?}
  • What do I have to say that is of value? {I don’t have a dramatic story of me and a child I’ve sponsored}
  • The list went on, but you get the point.

The Accuser smiled, sowing his lies. Here’s the truth.

  • Yes, famous, serious writers can and should write about sponsoring. Jesus didn’t give a pass to us, the non-famous. Instead, he turned the question upside down. How will they know you are mine? By the number of followers? Or by your love?
  • There’s plenty of room for World Vision and Compassion! Duh.
  • Dramatic stories are thrilling to hear, they are! And God does work in the dramatic. But he also works in ordinary stories.

During the month of September Compassion wants to find sponsors for 3,108 kids. You might wonder what you can do. 

  • Well, let’s just put it out there: you can sponsor one of these dearies.
  • How many kids do you have? Nieces? Nephews? You can go to the Compassion Website and pray for the same number you just said. Pray for their parents, for someone to sponsor them, for their daily needs.
  • Sit down with your kids, look at some of the pictures and talk about kids in other parts of the world.

Four nieces. I have four nieces who have clean water, medicine, more school supplies than you’d think would be necessary for school {but I digress}. I visited Compassion International and prayed for four, who are as dear to their families as these four are to me.

What excuses / reasons keep you from getting involved?


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  1. Erin H September 7, 2012 at 12:16 pm - Reply

    Excuse: my responsibilty & priority should be my children since 1) God gave them to me & I’m the only mother/person who can invest in them “the way you should go.” 2) “hey, I did put a career on hold to raise them, right? Excuses excuses to not write my sponsored kids more…

    • Avatar photo
      Amy September 7, 2012 at 12:39 pm - Reply

      Oh Erin, I hear this.

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