I heard about Armed With Truth from my friend Emily. I’ll probably never get a “real” tattoo for three reasons:

  1. Have you met me? I change my mind all the time. I can’t think of what I’d want to be on me until I die. So, instead of overthinking it, I’m moving on.
  2. Having lived in China at a time when tattoos were associated with criminals and less educated people, having a tattoo, for me, wasn’t an issue I wanted to invest my energy on. Saving my energy for issues I really care about, like women in ministry.
  3. Some people look like they are trying too hard to be cool. I don’t need to try that hard. Ha!

Clearly, I don’t care deeply about tattoos. But when the option for rub-on tattoos came and it combined with with scripture, I was intrigued. And now I’m a fan!  I can’t imagine which ONE scripture I’d permanently put on a prominent place so I could see it and be reminded to pray. The beauty of Armed with Truth is that they last about two weeks. Long enough for me to meditate on it in different contexts, but short enough I don’t weary of it.

1 Corinthians 1558

At first with this one, I focused on the “stand firm” part. Let nothing move you. Nothing. Then I moved on to the next phrase. Look at the “extreme” language used of always and fully. Normally those words are triggers for me and ruffle my feathers. If you’ve heard me speak about ANTS Automatic Negative Thoughts— you know one of the most common is to use extreme language. Always, never, no one, everyone, never. Instead of using of using them for limited situations (e.g. everyone in my immediate family is right-handed), we speak in sweeping extreme generalities (e.g. all Broncos fans are smart … you can see why people like to use them!).

So, I perk up when I hear extreme language to see how it is being used.

Always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord.

For eight days straight as I stared at this, I was so focused on always and fully, I missed what we give ourselves to.

The work of the Lord.

The work. Not the results. I don’t mind working hard if I know it will result in something I deem worthy of my effort.

Here is the mysterious part of God: we give ourselves fully to the work, trusting it will not be in vain.

The life of faith isn’t about guarantees, but it does involve promises. 

I know, wrap your head around that. We give ourselves fully to the work of the Lord. Your work may involve load after load of laundry. Or it might involve sermon prep or hospital visits. You might be volunteering at a homeless shelter or nursing a sick kid. Whatever it is, we are to give ourselves fully to the work and trust the results to God.

You may not see yourself as a tattoo person (or too cool for “silly rub-on” tattoos). So be it. But I’d encourage you to find a way to weave scripture into your world in such a way that clicks with your personality and allows you time and space to let it soak deep.

What work are you giving yourself to this week? What stands out to you in this verse?

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  1. Suzanne O. October 13, 2015 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    I learned about “ANTs” from a former therapist. Of course I had to carry it a step further to ANTeaters. (Wouldn’t that be nice?) One day she brought me a little stuffed anteater, which I still have, on a shelf in my office (which happens to be the back third of my living room ;-). Thanks for the reminder, Amy!

  2. Jody Lee Collins October 18, 2015 at 7:42 pm - Reply

    Amy I wanted to ask you all weekend about the ‘tatoo’ on your arm. Now I know….

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