Mr. Seeright was my fifth grade teacher and before the school year started, I made it very clear I did not want a man teacher. Hello, other than Mrs. Cobb, I was on a string of great women teachers. Emphasis great. Emphasis Women.

“So, how was Mr. Seeright?” Mom asked when I got home from the first day of school.

My exact words escape, but the sheepish sentiment was he was wonderful and played soccer and could take his teeth out.

Mom staggered around the family room and crashed to the floor in feigned shock.

Her response was fast and the crash emphatic.


I opened the door and there on the banister was a letter and a box of chocolate covered cherries, tied with a yarn bow.  I will forever associate getting into KU with chocolate covered cherries.


“Ms. Young, you have flowers waiting for you at the front desk.” Students and teachers buzzed wondering why I’d gotten flowers and from WHOM?! I wondered too. You are 10,000 days old today. Happy 10,000th day! I love you, Love, Dad



At the end of each day of creation God declared what he had made good or very good. He wasn’t just modeling rest and rhythms, though he did that too. He was showing us the importance of a creating space for celebration. For noticing. For declaring. And also, for not stopping after celebrating, but to keep moving on.

Eden Lost loves extremes of either celebrating every little thing, thus cheapening the celebration. Or refusing to celebrate anything, by downplaying accomplishments or being too busy to notice.

But Eden was a land marked with pauses and acknowledgments. Will Eden Regained be any less?

If one of you gets there first, yarn wrapped chocolate covered cherries as a welcome present would be lovely.

Celebration can take on many forms. Share one of the celebrations you’ve been a part of.

And we will truly be acceptable! Maker of Eden, thank you for the reminder.

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  1. Jennifer Taylor October 18, 2013 at 5:58 am - Reply

    Today I had a little celebration just with me and jelly and ice cream (special here in China!) to celebrate being accepted into a course I have long had a dream of being able to do. Definitely prayer answered.

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