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Confirmed. Tuesday while stalking walking by my couch, I saw money change hands. Not much, but it was pretty clear one dude hadn’t said, “Hey, can you lend me money right now,” resulting the in the other dude casually tossing money in his direction.

She seemed to have found a new home and new friends and I’d even begun to wonder about her and the weather. These were not risky wonderings, street furniture is all over China.

All over.

So it never entered the realm of possibility that on The. Very. Next. Day. all that would be left is this:

WHAT is under that truck?

What is under the truck? Wait, where is the couch? Wait, what is all the foam?

I rounded the corner and saw this:

Alece nailed it when she commented that it’s easy to focus on the answer and forget the Answerer.

This living parable is about lived out. She no longer serves me or the local gambling club and is bound to have her various pieces sold off to recylclers. And maybe that is for the best {I do regret such great couch legs going to waste.}.

I often forget that answers are not permanent. I confuse them with the Answerer. Oh Answerer, thank you for reminding me to look beyond an answer to you.  Selah.


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  1. Mia November 24, 2012 at 7:36 am - Reply

    Hi Amy
    It is sad, truly sad to see such a good friend, serving now in annother capacities. I could not help but think of what the streets of the world do to those who are forced to live there and even the beauty from our hearts can often be sold for scrap amongst people who do not really care. But then, dear Amy, we can ask our Pappa God to bless them in His way and in His time.
    Much love and thank you for the Chronicles of Amy’s Couch!!!
    Blessings and love to you

    • Avatar photo
      Amy November 24, 2012 at 9:21 am - Reply

      Oh yes, those living on the streets. The elements are not kind to them … and Mia, are you reading my mind? Do you know what the next post is about?!! Blessings back to you! Amy

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