I was sitting outside drinking my morning tea when I noticed a shift had occured.

Pebble of remebrance

This was not a huge aha moment. This was a quiet tuning in to how I felt about an upcoming event and it felt … different. The shift was in a positive direction and nobody but me would notice. On the outside, I’d still attend, I’d still participate, I’d still be present, but I’d enjoy it more than I had been.

Once I noticed it, it kind of surprised me. Wait, the dread isn’t as strong? And what’s that? A twinge of anticipation? 

I know how to mark fairly significant events. Using the language “stones of remembrance” from when the Israelites crossed the Jordan River to capture the big events. The Israelites took 12 stones from the middle of the river, one for each of the tribes, and placed them along the bank to remember what God had done.

But I’ll be honest, this was no stone of remembrance moment. It was not nothing, not something to be brushed aside. But it also wasn’t huge and to call it a stone seemed to be blowing it out of proportion.

It was more like a pebble.

Right there on the spot I saw how the language I use of a stone of remembrance can foster a one-size-fits-all response to events and change.

Here is a stone of remembrance, I am no longer as annoyed by you as I used to be. Not exactly the bridge of friendship, although it may be true.

So I facebook messaged a friend saying, “This message is pebble of remembrance. I’ve noticed this subtle shift within me and it’s not really for public consumption, but I wanted it noted in some way. So by telling you, I’m placing a pebble along my life path.”

I like this idea of pebbles of remembrance. Of having different sizes–pebbles, rocks, stones, and boulders–to mark change or events. It’s freed me up to see what’s there and not feel sheepish if a change or event is not the biggest, most important, most over the top event ever. Not everything needs to be a production.

The flip side is also true: more needs to be noticed and then noted than we think.

Today, look for pebbles in your life. If you notice one and it’s not fit for public consumption, just come back and leave a comment that says “Pebble.” We’ll know what you mean.




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  1. Mark Allman September 15, 2015 at 2:10 pm - Reply

    I think when we do this placement of a deliberate act of remembering then we honor it and we also build in our lives a positive attitude that will help us make more of the moment. Acknowledging things great and small builds within us a spirit of gratitude which to me is a basis for strong character and strong response to difficult times we face.

    • Avatar photo
      Amy September 17, 2015 at 4:17 pm - Reply

      Mark, this is one of the things I appreciate about you … you honor and see the importance of those moments!!!

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