The teacher in me likes to keep all of my resources together. So I’m gathering

A (mostly) comprehensive list of resources for Mother’s Day — for churches, those who work with kids on Mother’s Day, and YOU

Mother's Day Resources


1. 10 ideas for pastors on Mother’s Day — including 6 ideas for a Sunday morning services, a suggestion for those working with kids, and three “avoids.”


2. Prayers/Blessing for use:


3. Videos for use during a church service:


4. For Kids:

  • Please see 10 ideas for pastors on Mother’s Day — and the point on working with kids. Remember not every child will have a mother present. Think ahead of time how your church/activity wants to incorporate this reality.  Don’t be afraid to do something! But don’t be unnecessarily clueless either :).
  • Ideas for Sunday School teachers: see here or here (includes ideas in Spanish)


5. Re:think Worship has their own list of resources for Mother’s Day and it includes:


6. How to send personalized Mother’s Day cards (tutorial I made AND their customer service is great!)


7. Tanya Marlow reminds us the importance for celebrating mothers for who they ARE and not just what they do.


8. Remember there will be non-mom’s and those struggling with infertility in your midst.


What resources would you like to see added? Here’s a resource for you: 14 Tips for navigating the messy middle of life.

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  1. Kate Huey May 9, 2014 at 9:01 am - Reply

    HI, Amy!
    I just signed up for your newsletter and I’m enjoying your writings already. I particularly love the Mother’s Day note to a pastor and would like to share it on FB.

    One additional note: as a grandmother of seven, I’m aware of similar, mixed feelings and experiences, especially this year as all of my children and grandchildren are far away, including four little ones on the other side of the world for an extended assignment in Perth. I miss them so much. I know, I know, I have much to be grateful for, but Skype conversations are not the same as in-person time, and I’m missing the baby’s first two years. We’re supposed to let go of adult children as they go off into the world, but I feel the distance so acutely anyway. So grandmothers who are far away from their beloved little ones could use a prayer, too. :)
    Thanks again!

  2. Kate Huey May 9, 2014 at 9:02 am - Reply

    P.S. I’m a middle child, too, so I would have totally subscribed for that reason as well.

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